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  • Where is our water sourced from?

    All Aquaplus water is sourced from a natural spring called Te Waireka Springs here in Rotorua, New Zealand and is of the highest quality.
    It is bottled using modern and hygienically approved bottling equipment by professional operators.
    The water is micro filtered and ozonated to ensure the highest quality in food and beverage standards.

    What bottles do you supply?

    We offer a range of bottle shapes and sizes. Check out the bottles page to view.

    Do we use white label material?

    Yes we print on white label material, but depending on your design the entire colour of the label is up to you.

    Is there a minimum order quantity?

    Our minimum order quantity is 10 cases (240 bottles) for first orders and casual one off orders.
    We can supply smaller quantities for ongoing account/contract clients. Please enquire.

    Who designs the labels?

    Our in-house design team can design a label for your custom water bottles by using your existing design material, or if you’d prefer you can supply the label artwork as per our specifications.

    What is the turn-around time?

    This will vary depending on the size of your order. Actual dates can be determined at the time an order is placed, receiving your order within 10 working days is not uncommon. We offer a urgent service for a fee with a 3-4 day turn around however please enquire.

    What are the payment terms?

    For non account holders, payment is required at time of confirming your order but if you’re planning on more frequent ordering we set up monthly credit accounts.

    Do you supply bottled water for fundraising groups?

    Yes – there are a number of options to go about using custom branded bottled water for fundraising purposes so please enquire.

    Are there any requirements to be included on the bottle design?

    Yes, our product spec sheets contain this information. These can be found on the labels page.

    How do we send the bottles?

    Bottles are packaged in cardboard cases of 24 bottles.
    We generally send most of our orders through Mainstream or by courier depending on quantity or your preference
    We send your product to you wrapped on wooden pallets to maximise the chances that it will arrive in perfect condition.

    What is the shelf life of bottled water?

    Officially 3 years, but we prefer to say 2 years as this is heavily dependent on the conditions your water is stored.

    Can we supply glass bottles?

    Yes we can. Min order quantity on glass is 10,000 bottles.

    Can we supply sparkling water?

    Yes we can. Min order quantity for sparkling is 10,000 bottles.

    Do we offer different cap colours?

    Yes, our standard flat caps come in black or white but we can supply them in red, blue, and dark green by request. Please enquire. Our sports sipper cap comes opaque.

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